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Interview to Vlad Varel by Celeste Fassbinder - Progressive Trance from Russia! His tracks & remixes gained numerous support from the likes of: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Super8 & Tab, MaRLo, Roger Shah, Pedro Del Mar, Mike Shiver, Andy Duguid, Steve Brian, Leon Bolier, Mark Pledger, SHato & Paul Rockseek, Muska, Mohamed Ragab, Rave Channel, Aimoon, Steve Anderson, Bjorn Akesson, Al Bizzare, Victor Dinaire, Corti Organ, Extravagance SL, Las Salinas, Jan Miller, Poshout and many others. Today Vlad is A&R of Tool Records/Tool Trance and host together with Steve Brian of the official labels radioshow "Tool Sessions" on And that is only the beginning of path to leave a mark in the EDM scene, watch out for the upcoming news.

Vlad Varel - real name Vladimir Vareldzhan, a creative and talented musician, organiser of parties, DJ & producer from Rostov-on-Don in Russia. All conscious life Vladimir has been connected with music. Since the early childhood in a solar city of Sukhumi at the age of 5 years has started to try to play and create own motives on a guitar. After the arrival to Rostov-on-Don, soon he has started to practise music professionally and has arrived in musical school on a class a violin, then he has gone on a class a guitar. Having ended musical school Vladimir has understood that he cannot live without music and beginnings attentively to study music, has mastered game on a piano and from 14-year-old age has started to create own tracks. The first tracks which he listened more and more are brought by something new more and opened new horizons for it. Mixes known Dj's, have reversed its perception of music. During this period he began to be interested more in club music and its creation. Has started to penetrate more, to study, communicate with people who have let him know that he should live music.


1) Tell me a about you, your childhood, adolescence...

Childhood up to 5 years I spent in the city of Sukhumi, even then I learned to play the guitar and sang my own motives, then the war in Abkhazia and my family moved to Rostov-on-Don, a city in Russia! There I went to music school, violin, then guitar class, well and in the end I learned to play the piano!

2) What do you think about drugs? Did you ever use drugs for inspiration?

Never, I am totally against drugs! I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol recently completely

3) How did you get started in the music field 

First learned to play the violin, and then graduated from school as a guitar, and now also know how to play the piano! My whole life is connected with music. In high school, I became acquainted with the program Dance ejay, and there started writing my tracks, then tried different programs for writing music such as Cubase, FL Studio, Reason, Sonar, Ablteon, but stopped at a very fast and convenient FL Studio, in which at still work! I'm a musician first, and then Dj. I was just at the Institute began performing in clubs

4) What song helped you to become famous? 

Well my first release as an artist project Vlad Varel,, was the single "Jupiter Cry" on the label "Timeline Muisc", he was supported by several times by Markus Schulz, he repeatedly played the track, it was just a shock to me, I did not expect from him such support from Dj № 1 in the U.S., after his support, people started to notice me in the world

5) Do you have some academic knowledge? 

Yes, I have two degrees, the first lawyer in the speciality finance, second Economist taxation.

6) What advice would you give to young musicians? 

never rest on our laurels, feel free to make new acquaintances, to listen and hear, and to work hard and to work again, and enjoy the music)

7) Do you think music its a tool for healing? 

I am absolutely sure of this, music is my savior in my life. I have a couple of years ago had an accident, very strong, a car accident, life seemed hell... and only the music helped me, after this period I was able to realize all things I learned in all the time, I just did not want anything, I was left alone with my FL studio, and I burst!

8) Favorite place to play you music?

Clubs, but better own studio nothing.

9) Your Fav songs? 

Well a lot of them, but the most beloved is - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach (Original Mix)

10) Musicians who influenced your career? 

Well, this is without a doubt my taste guys who instilled me favorite number 1 "Above & Beyond", I think music is immortal, and despite the fact that now every week out hits, contribution that these guys have, you can not forget!

11) Your favorite musical genres? 

Inside me Trance, but my tastes are very much transformed each year, now I'm already looking towards Prog House music, also I love Seven Lions Dubstep Production

12) What is your favorite activity besides music production?

I love to be with friends, I love going to the cinema, well, just being on nature

Thank you very much!

Thanks to you for the interesting interview, listen to my new releases and music that you can find on my official pages on the internet, I'm sure you will please more than once and surprise)

Interview Vlad Varel by Celeste Fassbinder
BWN Music

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